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Chalcedony has been one of the most treasured gemstones throughout many ancient civilizations.


It is believed that as early as the Bronze Age, Chalcedony was prized as a gem throughout areas surrounding the Mediterranean, owing to the discoveries of archaeologists. Many Chalcedony seals and other forms of jewellery, as well as fabricated tools have been discovered dating back as early as 1800 BC.


Chalcedony has been used and prized by the ancient Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, Babylonians and Assyrians alike.


Many Native American tribes consider Chalcedony to be sacred and most often use it in traditional ceremonial gatherings, particularly in efforts to stabilize and strengthen the bonds between tribes.

Chalcedony brings peace to the wearer. It is said to soothe bad temper, sorrows and agitation. It helps to lift depression and promotes  generosity and harmony.

It is a soothing stone.

Metaphysical Properties of Chalcedony - balances the energy of the mind, body, spirit, emotional balance.

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