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Birthstone: Scorpio


Citrine is thought to enhance the energies of good fortune, good luck and to bring light to people’s lives.

It is considered a prosperity stone and often called the 'Success Stone', helping to manifest success, abundance and generosity in all areas of one's life.


Citrine is said to: promote the acquisition and retention of wealth; promote Optimism and Joy; increases one’s capacity to feel and express Love; help recover from painful experiences and to come to terms with repressed feelings/ emotions; stimulate creativity, reasoning skills and self-assertion; builds resistance to fatigue and to help fight illness.


Citrine has been used with the solar plexus chakra, metaphysically to magnify personal will power, energy and creativity. It is also thought to help dispel negative energy and provide protection while bringing happiness; therefore it is a useful stone for meditation, psychic awareness and spiritual development.

Latin name for ‘Lemon/Citrus’.

Colour: ranges from the palest, softest Yellow to the deepest of Yellows.

Citrine is a type of Quartz.

It is an energising stone.  

Metaphysical Properties of Citrine - prosperity, creativity, mental and emotional clarity.

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